Question Sound Problem SOS!

Mar 12, 2020
I just got new wired earbuds because the old one broke. It works just fine when I plug it into my laptop or phone. However, it seems to have some problems when I plug it into my desktop computer only. When I plug new earbuds into the desktop pc and turn on any youtube videos, I can hear the BGM clearly but the voice of the YouTubers is extremely unclear, and hard to understand what they are saying. When I play any music-related games, I used to be able to hear the drum and beats with my old wired earbuds. However with my new one, although I can hear music, I can't hear any drums or even bass line. I think it is not pc problem as the old one worked just fine before it broke. So I thought maybe there are some settings that I don't know about to fix this kind of problem. Please help me! Thanks