Question Sound problem

Feb 16, 2021

I just bought a set of headphones(Razer kraken).
When i plugged them in and downloaded a recommended software(Razer app engine) it seemed like everything is okay,but a the time i tried to listen music through my speakers i noticed that they were not working..
So when i click the sound icon in the taskbar i see that my headphones are linked to my speakers(I can only listen when i select "Logitech speakers(Realtek high definition audio)"
I am pretty sure that this is false and it needs to be linked at the "Razer kraken(7.1 surround sound)" instead of "Logitech Speakers(Realtek high definition audio)"
So the thing is that when the headphones are plugged in i can't use my speakers, and when the speakers work headphones wont(i used to work like this when i needed only the microphone with my old headphones)

Playback devices:
1) Razer kraken(7.1 surround sound)
2)AOC(AMD High definition audio device)
3)Logitech Speakers(Realtek high definition audio)
4)Internal plug AUX (7.1 surround sound)
My previous headphones were : Zeroground HD-2400G Keiji
My speakers are : Logitech z333
My MoBo is : MSI B350m Bazooka
My case is : Corsair Carbide spec-03
I have the speakers on rear green input
And the headphones on front green/pink input

I can't solve this by my own so any help is appreciated.