Sound refuses to work


Dec 27, 2011
I just bought a new motherboard and processor and im trying to run my astro headset on the new motherboard with no sucess. This is an Asus P8Z68-M PRO motherboard. Yes i am sure they are in the right slots. Yes i have been to the sound options. Yes i have made sure they are not muted and Yes i have installed the drivers from asus's website from the instillation disk and from Any ideas on what to do to make this work im slamming my head against the wall.

under playback i have
speakers (not plugged in)
Realtek hd audio 2nd output (working)
realtek digital output
realtek digital output (optical)

under recording i have
Mic (working)
line in (not plugged in)
stereo mix (disabled)
Does the headset work? Have you checked it elsewhere?
Secondly we would like to know if you're plugging the headset into the FP or the Back IO Panel Connectors?
If you're plugging them in the FP then have you assigned the FP audio in the BIOS?
If you're plugging it in the Back IO Panel, then why does it say Speakers unplugged?
Try using the speakers connector instead of line or something else.