Question Sound setup issues, just a few questions.

Nov 24, 2019
Hi, so I am having some small issue with my microphone. Basically, my current setup allows me to listen in to my PC, and my PS4/Switch (Depending on which one is on) all at the same time. I am using a line-in connection.

So basically, my headset (Hyper X Cloud Alpha) has one cable that splits off into a headset one, and a mic one. That one is plugged into mic and headset ports in the back of my PC. I then have one male to male audio cable going into a ground loop isolator, and from there, it's going into my second monitor's audio jack.

So with this, I can listen in to my PC and consoles at the same time, depending on which one is on. The only problem is, when I am using this setup, my mic doesn't seem to work like how it's supposed to. It only picks up audio from the monitor which has the line-in male to male cable going from my PC to the monitor. It won't pick up my actual talking.

I messed around with the sound devices and what not, but nothing seems to help. I am wondering if this setup will actually work, or would I need something like a audio interface maybe? I would appreciate any help with this, thank you! And sorry for the long wall of text.