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So, obviously, not a noob. I'm the one that usually, among others, helps everybody else fix their problems but I'm at a loss with this one.

This is an older laptop. BIOS is the most recent. Drivers are the the only ones available for Windows 10. Model is Lenovo G570 4334.

The problem is, sound "surges" up and down anytime the volume is higher than 30% and probably it does it all the time but isn't as noticeable at low volume. I've tried just about every kind of configuration using the onboard audio and also a Soundblaster Live 5.1 USB device and the result is exactly the same.

I have disable microphones in all playback configurations and all other unnecessary garbage. Same.

It's not a huge problem, but it really annoys me. Any knowledgeable ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance

It's probably worth noting, in 30+ years I've never encountered any "surging" audio, even on much older systems, and certainly on this Sandy bridge laptop before, so...


  • Right click on speaker by clock
  • Open Sound Settings
  • At bottom, Sound Control Panel
  • On the Playback tab, Properties on the Default Device.
  • Enhancements tab
  • Uncheck Loudness Equalization
or try
- Disable all enhancements


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Jun 12, 2015
I don't ask questions on here but its worth a try :)

tried a clean boot?
tried ubuntu to see if its windows?

i would suggest safe mode but drivers don't run there.

seems odd its on 2 different devices.

tried the windows audio troubleshooter?

Google pretty much useless (as usual)

I can find others complaining about this but on Lenovo desktops
I know its not Surging but Google has no results for that...


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I don't have that Lenovo app installed, so can't be that, good try though as if I did it would probably be something I'd want to look at. It's really weird, I've never seen a system do this before and I'm wondering if there isn't just a problem with the audio circuit on the mainboard. It makes it weird that it does it with the onboard audio OR when using the external Soundblaster device though.


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I haven't tried it outside of Windows but I'll try Ubuntu tomorrow. That was going to be a next step anyhow to see if it's simply a case of Windows 10 drivers not working well with Sandy bridge era hardware, and I think it might be. I may have to downgrade that unit back to a Windows 8.1 OS because I know it didn't have this problem back then. If I can't figure it out, no big deal, I just pulled this laptop out to use in the garage until I finish the build I'm going to mount on the wall. Motherboard is getting mounted in an electrical breaker panel with some custom modifications for cooling and I/O panel. Who says you can't have fun with old parts? :)


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