Oct 30, 2017
Your sound system accepts analog stereo (red/white) only, while your TV has digital out (Toslink) only. The box you're refering to should do the the job. Make sure you also get appropriate cables, optical TosLink from TV, stereo "cinch" to the stereo.
Thank you very much for the reply and for the confirmation!
I had another question, i saw some people that were complaining of the power of the sound, especially in Netflix or HboMax, do i need something like this better ? I didn't quite understand what's an amplifier and a convertor only https://vectro.ro/produs/convertor-...ownZZYBiWxjzYGOfZhp3uNGsWlWZyBkhoCDxMQAvD_BwE
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I don't think there's functional differences between the two devices. You will control volume from your stereo, volume keys on the TV won't affect the volume.

But before you jump into that: Get a simple 3.5mm-to-RCA cable, plug your phone to your stereo, and make sure this part of the connection works. From the picture you've posted, it seems that your stereo is a complex device (probably a AM/FM/DVD player with built-in amplifier). Another issue - you'll get only stereo audio, there is no multi-channel input available.