Question Soundbar high pitched(whine) noise. Opinion needed.

Bogdan Lazar

Jun 30, 2015
Hello guys,

hopefully someone can help me out with this one, otherwise this soundbar is going back tomorrow.

Soundbar name: OK. Soundbar OCS 120BT-B

I got the soundbar yesterday and everything was fine, but today I have noticed a high pitched sound starts after a couple seconds of playback and stops a couple seconds after the music is stopped. The sound comes out only on the left side as far as I can tell.

I have tried isolating the optical cable and removing the cable and connecting it to my phone through bluetooth. Same noise, but it stops quicker on bluetooth when music stops.

I have just figured out that if I leave Spotify running but mute it from Spotify, so that no sound is coming out but music is still playing, the whine is present.

I think it happens when more power is fed to the speaker to play the sound? Maybe they go in some kind of "standby low-power mode" when nothing is playing.

What do you guys think and what can I do about this?

Thanks for taking the time for me!