Question Soundbar/Monitor Conflict

Jun 23, 2020
Hi all,

So I have a gaming PC and my audio/video setup for about the past year has been thus:

-Display port gpu>144hz 1440p monitor for video

-HDMI from gpu>soundbar for audio

Like I said this has been working for more than a year. I was able to get 1440p @ 144hz and the audio came through the sound bar just fine without using any kind of splitter or anything.

However, the other day I noticed (after a game I was playing crashed to desktop) that my PC seemed to be detecting the soundbar as a second display and my windows were not appearing on the monitor but rather seemingly being sent to the soundbar (as a second "monitor").I went into display settings and changed the monitor setup to Show Only on 1 (monitor) but then obviously I lost my sound.

I've since cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled all pertinent drivers and tested the cables separately to make sure neither have gone bad. I can get my audio/video working when my display settings are set to Extend the Displays (dual "monitor") except that now its like my display is almost seemingly capped at 60hz which I guess is because I have a pseudo dual-monitor setup and the soundbar is recognized as a 60hz monitor. So essentially the soundbar is capping the monitor at 60hz which obviously defeats the purpose of the monitor altogether.
If I change display settings to Show only on the monitor i can get full 1440p@144hz but no sound. Attempting to manually change back to 144hz in nvidia control panel results in a blue screen crash.
I know its a very odd and specific question but any suggestions on how I can avoid this framerate capping would be appreciated.
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