Question SoundBlaster Z Card / Speakers Not Detected on Windows 10 PC


Jul 16, 2016

I seem to have a common issue after reading my google search results for the past couple hours, with this windows 10 compatability issue with Logitech/Creative soundcards/drivers. Seems to be a ton of different problems around this similar setup. Basically cant get speaker functionality now after what seems to have been corrupted by a recent Windows 10 auto update. Cant pin point what exact update I can eliminate to test if it will get it working again.

As of now, when I download the latest Creative SoundBlaster software it tells me "Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system."

I get a similar error when I previously had SoundBlaster software installed(before uninstalling for a troubleshooting attempt), and it tells me "the current selected audio device is disabled, not present, not supported by the application, or has unplugged jack connections."

My video card is the only device that has working audio output, with my monitor speakers(since its connecting to my video card DisplayPort) only source of audio I do have, which is pretty lame quality. My brand new Logitech Z623 speakers are useless devices at this point. They do work if i plug the audio cable straight into my phone, the speakers work amazingly. Only with my PC do I lose detection. No Speakers shown in my Sound Control Settings playback devices list.

What I Have Tried Already:

Changing PCI slot
Rolling back drivers
Reinstalling Creative Drivers
Updating Drivers
System Reboot of course

Attached some images of my control panel showing the card controller and displaying the controller as working properly.

Desperate here as I keep hitting a wall and havent seen solutions out on the web with my same scenario. ANY AND ALL IDEAS NEEDED!! Many thanks!

full photo man