Soundcard generating static noise on mic in port

Jan 11, 2019
Hi everyone!
I have a really frustrating problem with my Soundblaster Z: the mic in port has a very audible static noise, even with mic boost sitting at 0. I thought it could be EMI from the power supply or from the videocard, but it's not. I made a full enclosure from 4 layer of aluminium foil, each layer separated with paper, and even raised out from the case with a pcie riser, and still the same noise, not even the volume changed. I tried out with 3 aux cables, and nothing changed. Then tried out the motherboard audio and the front panel audio, and even these has this static noise, but strangely, the outputs has 0 noise.
Can I solve this problem somehow? (btw I'm using win 7)
Edit: I just forgot to try the front panel with the Soundblaster, and it's less noisy than every other input. How is this even possible?

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