Hi there,
is there any way I can obtain a copy of service pack 1 for Vista Ultimate 64bit?
I only want the service pack 1 edition for Ultimate, and don't feel like downloading the one
off of Microsoft's website since it contains the SP1 for all the other versions too.

Also, that version is 725mb, and what I want is just the SP1 for V-Ultimate so I can burn it
on a 700mb CD and give it to my friend who has a copy of vista w/o SP1.

*32bit SP1 is ~450 mb, 64bit SP1 is ~725mb


Jan 15, 2005
Your options are:

Download the stand alone from MS website
Get it via automatic update
I will ship it to you for money (if you are in the US) on a DVD.

I would venture to guess that there is not a specific install for each version of Vista, only 32bit or 64bit.