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Space on hard drive disappearing windows 7


Apr 13, 2011
I am running windows 7. on my hdd i have two partitions. both work fine except when i view the space used on partition D: it shows i have used up 178 gig when windirstat only show i have used 124 gig. please can somebody help me find the other 50 or so gig
Check the recycle bin for all accounts on the system, as well as system restore. You can check system restore as follows:

- Start -> right-click "Computer" and select "Properties"

- Click the "System Protection" link in the left pane

- Under "Protection settings" click on the "D:" drive to highlight it and then click "Configure..."

The resulting dialogue box will show you how much space is being taken up by restore points and give you a slider to adjust the maximum amount that the system will use.

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