Sparking Sound From AVR makes my monitor display static image

Nov 7, 2018
I really can't find an answer on google, I hope you guys can clear things out for me.

I used to hear sparking sounds on my AVR before however, I used to have a monitor that is USB powered. So I really don't feel the sparking sound as an issue. Last month, I bought a monitor that is powered through AVR. The first time I heard that sparking sound, my monitor shuts off and then turns back on, it's normal again. Yesterday, I heard that sparking sound again, and my screen turns static. Like a TV with no signal. I turned off my monitor, then turn back on, and it's fine again. Earlier I experienced it again.

I'm suspecting that this is because of my cheap AVR. Do I need to buy that expensive AVR even if we pretty much have a stable electricity in our town? Is it possible that this AVR is the one causing the problem?

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