Question Sparks from Seasonic PSU ?


Mar 9, 2019
Hi community,

I have a seasonic prime gold 750w psu that ocasionally sparks and make electric burn noises.

The electric burn noise sometimes occur when i press the power button on or off on the back of the psu.

And today i had a spark coming from my psu cable port after unplugging my psu cable.

A few years ago I have had lightning strike infront of my house and it fried my internet router and my mobo had to be replaced.
Hence now i have to shutdown and unplug my electrical hardware in bad weather

I do not have ground and i use normal power strip extension.

Am i slowly killing my components?

How do i prevent this?
"I do not have ground"............

If you own the property, the first thing I would do is call in a qualified electrician.

Power strips are of limited use. How useful opens up a cubic mile of worms.

It appears you are literally playing with least occasionally. Not my idea of a good time, thus the call for an electrician.

If you are a renter.............more problematic.
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