Question Speakers buzzing when using editing software [photoshop, davinci resolve, after effects]

Oct 13, 2019
Hello guys how are you? I'm Bruno, new in the community, looks like a interesting forum to be part of.

So.. I'm having the wierdest issue with my speakers and edit software at the moment. Let me put you in context: I have an Apollo Twin Duo USB, and the speakers are Presonus Eris 8. The apollo gos via USB 3.0 to my laptop. I was usuing it without problems since I got em, but the last two days I started noticing a buzz/humm when using photoshop, but it was not always there, the buzz was when I adjusted any valu with a slider or curve. For example If I was using the photoshop Curves, while i holded the mouse down and move the points I could hear a very loud buzz comming through the speakers. I tried the same with other software (Davinci Resolve and After effects) and was the exact same thing, the bbuzz through the spakers was there, but only when adjusting parameters graphically. I tried the Headphone outpu of my apollo and the buzz is not there.. only throu the speakers. Now here comes the very wierd part of the story. I discontecrted and turned off the Audio Interface, so now the speakers where ON but unplugged for any digital source (not conected in the pc) yet, when I adjust the parameteers, the buzz is still in the speakers... is like a interference, but I cant determine what is causing it. Does anyone have an idea of what can be going on?
Thanks very much for the time reading this!