Question Speakers make a loud buzz even when only the power cable is connected

Sep 20, 2019
Here's a recording of it.

The speakers are a pair of about 7 year old KRK RP6 G2's which I retired a couple of years ago after I got a 5.1 system. They worked perfectly back then, but turning them on now they've suddenly started to make a loud buzzing noise. This happens even when nothing but the power cable is connected to a lone socket and the power is turned on.

I take good care of my electronics, so it's unlikely both of the speakers are broken, especially when they spent two years not being used. I can still hear actual audio if I connect them to my PC, too. They're active speakers, as is my current subwoofer, but the sub doesn't make that noise.

I've tried:

  • Connecting to different sockets all over (and out of) the apartment
  • Hauled the speaker to a different house (they used to work in that building)
  • A different power cable
  • Turning all nearby electronics off
This is the main forum post I read, which also suggested buying other equipment, but I'm hesitant to do that as I don't know what the problem actually is. Also, the building is quite new, 5-6 years old.

Edit: Turns out they were blown capacitors or resistors.
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