Question Speakers not working but headset do

Nov 29, 2018
Hi everyone, since I changed my motherboard I've not been able to make my speakers work, although my headset do.
A few thing to have in mind:
  • The new motherboard is a ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula
  • The speakers are connected to the rear speakers jack (the black one).
  • They used to work before changing the motherboard and nothing happened to them physically.
  • They are stock speakers, nothing worth mentioning about them.
  • My headset is a Razer Kraken Pro, it brings a mic and line out connector which are connected to the rear jacks (the headset works fine)
  • I did make a new instalation of Windows in an SSD and I'm currently using this one as my predetermined OS device.
  • I tried updating my audio drivers and didn't work.
  • I tried changing the jack configuration with the Realtek Audio Console but nothing changed, although it recognises the jack as connected or in use
  • Even though no sound comes from the speakers, when I touch the connector with my finger I can listen the static coming out of them.
I'm kinda running out of options here.

Thanks in advance. :)



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