Question Speakers on new monitor make occasional loud "snap" sounds ?

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Jul 31, 2019
Hi! I bought a new monitor recently and game a lot using it. When gaming, and occasionally when net surfing my monitor speakers will let out a snap sound (implying the problem does not originate in the game software--but is something that probably originates elsewhere). Yesterday when connecting the monitor to a different computer with a different HDMI cable connecting them the problem continued. In fact, at times, instead of a single snap sound, with this other computer it was a series of snaps in a row, like five or six or something.

I am not sure of the cause, and wonder what it could be. Maybe the monitor has some kind of defect, but I really don't know. It is an LG OLED monitor and a big one--about 48 inches. And it was awfully pricey--so I have been thinking to return it. Maybe it is defective, but it has also been very dry here, and the problem seems to coincide in time with me also getting little shocks when touching things--implying, but maybe coincidentally, that it might be related to static in the environment. This the case I bought an anti-static mat to put under my chair, but that has had no effect. That is, the problem has not abated. I would add that with the previous monitor there was never this problem. Nor were there ever problems like this in this room with external speakers--a variety of which I have used, connected to my computers.

Lastly, the sound problem does not occur from any other sources, like an amp and speakers also connected to my computer systems, or other sound system--only the monitor speakers. The room is also carpeted, generally. And as I live in a foreign country, I am not sure how good the grounding is.

Any thoughts or info related would be of great assistance. Thanks in advance.
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