Speakers playing volume lower than the mixer is showing they're supposed to in the application

Aug 29, 2018
Hi. Sorry if the title is worded a little oddly, it's because this problem itself is rather odd. I don't know if it's something I somehow did myself (I didn't mess with the settings so this shouldn't be the case.) or if an application is messing with it, but somehow, my speakers are playing audio quieter than it's supposed to. I took a quick look at volume mixer. I don't know if I'm just an idiot or if something genuinely fishy is going on, but it appears while Firefox is saying it's playing audio at a much louder volume, on my speakers, it's showing up at nearly only 25% of the volume.

Is there possibly any reason to this or any fix so I can get this playing louder or is there more to it that I'm simply not understanding? :??: Any help or input would be appreciated.
EDIT: Almost forgot specifics.
I use an HP EliteBook 8570w, running Windows 7. I have an IDT High Definition Audio Driver


Aug 17, 2018
you cant help it much, that green bar depends on the sounds file its playing, not to go technical that is normal, its like somebody who made that video/music/song/file set the sound to be on like 50% so it will never get as loud. some programs boost those sounds to normal level most dont. that is why, and you cant help it much, there are programs that can "fix" that on windows but they use too much CPU to be used all the time... if you are watching movies VLC has settings for that boost...