Question Speakers produce weird frequencies on one pc, but on other they work fine


Jan 19, 2019
Hello everyone,

recently I built 2 computers and bought set of speakers for each one. My first system has Genius speakers that cost 100 euros, and 2nd system has Logitech Z323.

When I connect 1st pc with Genius speakers it works fine, when I connect 2nd pc with Genius speakers it works fine, when I use 1st pc with Logitech speakers it works fine, BUT when I connect 2nd pc with Logitech speakers it produces weird noises that sound kinda like GPU coil whine, they get quieter after some time but then they go loud again, noise is unbearable.

I tried borrowing my friend sound card and it didn't help, I tried changing extension cord, I tried different power outlet but 2nd pc just doesn't wanna work with Logitech speakers. I also tried reinstalling windows but it didn't help.

1st PC specs: Ryzen 7 5700x, 32gb 3200mhz ram, Gigabyte b550 gaming x, AMD rx6750xt, evga 700w psu.
2nd PC specs: Ryzen 5 5600, 16gb 3200mhz ram, AsRock b550 phantom gaming 4, AMD rx6700xt, evga 700w psu

Edit: I found out when I unplug my monitor from GPU (display port) noise stops. I tried using HDMI instead Displayport and noise is still there, tried another displayport cable and noise is still there. Noise amplifies if I move my mouse
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Did you:

1. Check to see that you have the latest motherboard BIOS version installed?

2. Manually go to the product page for your motherboard and download, and install, the latest chipset, audio controller and network adapter drivers? (If you didn't, let me be the first to tell you, don't EVER rely on the natively supplied Microsoft drivers for ANYTHING unless you have no other choice. They are NOT the same as the manufacturer supplied drivers most of the time.)

Also, are you plugging the Z323 speakers into the front panel or rear I/O ports? Try disconnecting the internal sound cabling from the front panel to the motherboard and then see if the rear port still gives you problems. Sometimes a problem with the front case electronics or cables can cause the main outputs on the motherboard to weird out.