Question Speakers stopped working out of nowhere (no audio), BUT audio plays for a split second when I unplug the speaker's power


Nov 6, 2012
Title says it all really.

Was on my PC when my speakers just stopped working, no audio coming out. I can see in Control Panel/Sound that the audio levels are jumping - and I discovered that when I unplug the speakers' power cable, audio plays for a split second. Creative Speakers, not sure the exact model but they're close to 10 year sold.

EDIT: Just tested plugging my headphones into the speakers - audio DOES play through that. Audio just doesn't want to play through the speakers themselves though :/
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I'd say a big clue is the speakers MOMENTARILY make a noise when you are unplugging their power. By that I assume you mean when you grasp the connector from the speakers' power supply module at the speakers and pull it out of its socket. During that action for a brief moment power IS supplied to the speakers, whereas otherwise no - and hence, no sound. That says there is a problem at that connection. It MAY be in the socket - say, a springy contact has lost some of it "spring" and is bent too far away to make good contact. OR it nay be a nearly-broken off wire inside the cord leading to the plug on the end of the cable, and you just happen to move it into temporary contact while grasping it. If you're handy with repairing and measuring and diagnosing, look at these possibilities. If not, you may need a repair tech to investigate. But get a cost estimate first, and compare that to replacing the speaker system.