Question Speakers vs Some Type of Bluetooth Splitter


Jan 9, 2021
I'm thinking about watching Star Trek with someone, and thinking about my options for having both of us experience the audio at the same time (usually I'd just wear my Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones for personal viewing, but of course that doesn't work for two people).

Of course getting some speakers could be a solution... but I'm guessing there are probably devices I could use to connect two pairs of bluetooth headphones to my PC that work fairly well, right?

I was inclined to think that latter idea would be my best option since I already have nice headphones for myself and I'm guessing speakers that would give me comparable audio quality would probably cost a lot, right?

But I was also a bit reluctant to look for a device that can send a bluetooth signal to two different pairs of headphones because I remember trying one of those audio splitters in the distant past that allow you to plug two pairs of wired headphones into an audio outlet and had a bad experience. I recall there was an issue with the audio either being low quality or not really working very well. Ruined the experience, so I was worried something similar might happen with some type of bluetooth splitter. But idk... maybe the technology has gotten better, or maybe I just had an unusually low quality splitter?

I'm also a bit reluctant to go with speakers because I don't really want an audio solution that gives me a lot of speakers or wires to clutter up my room/desk. Two pairs of headphones seems like a better option, doesn't it?


Aug 4, 2017
Get yourself a second sound card :) A cheapie may do for your friend.
The easiest way to duplicate sound over to two devices regardless of wired or wireless (or a combination if you're bold) is using something like Voicemeeter (by VB Audio), a free piece of software