Question Specs for video editing


Mar 12, 2017
Hey. I'm going to jump in here and see what knowledge I can get poured onto me.
Video editing and rendering performance has been really bad <Mod Edit> latley. I am only editing videos for export in 1080p as well as recorded in 1080p. Although 4k is something I plan on shooting at sone point.
My current build is a:
Rylen 7 3800x
16gb ram
Rtx 3060ti
500gb nvme ssd
2tb hdd

What is holding me back.
I tried editing a video and today I started freezing up still managed to finish it.
But the render time for a 20min video In 1080p was bonkers at 15min for 3% of the video that's ki d of excessive especially for a semi high end pc? Right?
Most footage is recorded with obs or sony a7iii and currently editing with hifilm and occasionally divincie resolve.
Thanks for help and feedback
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