Speed vs. Timings


Apr 11, 2007
I'm sure this information is spread out through different posts, so sorry for a possible repeat.

I want to know which will have a more noticeable affect on performance, running the ram at a higher speed or with tighter timings. For some concrete numbers, compare running ram at 500 mhz with 5-5-5-15 2T vs 400 mhz 3-3-3-9 1T. This may not be complete realistic, but they seem to be decent extremes.

Would one be better for some but not all tasks? Would one always be faster? If so, how much? Is it noticeable? Any answers to questions like this would be appreciated.

Since this is my first post, I'll kind of throw in the reason I'm asking which I'm sure someone can find a problem with. I will be building a new PC soon and and wondering if I should try to go for something like 500 mhz (or 470 or something) FSB x 7 multiplier vs something like 400-430 mhz x 8 multiplier. Assuming I comparing a CPU running at the same speed achieved with the 2 ways, is there a benefit to try for the high FSB method instead of lower FSB with tighter memory timings? I know many people got the E6300 to OC and it only has a 7x multiplier so they had to go for high FSB, but I'm either considering the 6420 or the 6600 so that isn't an issue. Another person I asked thought it's a fine plan to go with lower FSB and higher multiplier. Also, this shouldn't require as high of voltages for the ram which is an added bonus.

Am I missing something else with this idea?

Sorry for asking two questions in one post, but thanks.


Dec 14, 2005
as far as the memory question, in my experiences with a s939 X2 processor (which benefits more from tighter timings due to an IMC), i saw more benefit from raising the speed of the memory, than from tightening the timings, in my experiences anyhow (for example, going from 166MHz 2-3-3-6-2T which has tighter timings, was slower than going with 200MHz 3-3-3-7-2T which has looser timings)

as far as the multiplier, go with the higher multiplier and lower initial FSB, simply because having a higher multiplier will allow you to OC higher... if youre not OCing, then it wont matter too much either way, TBH IMO