speed with nvme m.2 on x79 with pcie card (non O.S.) worth it ?

Hi , i wish to get fast load times for gaming on an x79 motherboard , i currently have used most my sata ports for storage and with the current price of m.2 nvme storage being low , what sort of speeds could i expect from an m.2 ( samsung pro or evo ) , with a pcie m.2 adaptor card , compared to a single ssd of about 550 mbs read/write , this is for fast loading times of games and not boot drive.

Thankyou for your help



It would be slightly faster, probably not worth it over a good SATA drive.

I can certainly tell in game that I beat about 95% of players into a lobby, but the game load time doesn't really do anything but make me wait longer for other players. Properly designed games take this into account, so loading times shouldn't offer an advantage.

For single player though, might be useful. But even then, we are talking about the difference between a 7 second load time and maybe 11 seconds or something.
@eximo , thanx for the reply,
reason for asking , currently running ark survival on ssd , have 70 mods installed in game and load times about 20 minutes with samsung pro ssd , would i get better times with a nvme m.2 , theoreticaly they say you can get 2500mbs + read speeds is this possible



Load times of 20 minutes with a Samsung Pro SSD?
An NVMe would be 'faster', but I can't imagine it would make it "acceptable".

What size is the current SSD?
How full is it?
This a secondary drive the game and mods are installed on?



"nearly full"
Specifics please? How full is "nearly"?

What are the rest of the specs of this system?

That "2500+ mbps" number you see is for large sequential data, with absolute perfect test data.
Not a whole bunch of tiny files as in your game mods.
The current "20 minutes" you see won't magically change to 30 seconds.
thx for the reply USAfret ,
specifics , samsung evo 250 gb ssd
only ark survival on drive, used space 184gb , new game update will nearly fill that drive,
It takes over 20 minutes to load 70 mods into ark , some big , some small

any speed increase would be an advantage


OK, so let's assume everything is working perfectly.
And assuming "20 minutes" is a valid time to load that game with all of your mods. ( :heink: )

I'd expect a NVMe in an adapter in a PCIe slot on that motherboard to result in....18 minutes.
SSD's by their nature have near zero access speed. That's the main benefit of an SSD.

The NVMe shines in moving large sequential data. Which is not what you're doing with loading that game.
ok that makes sense , so no real advantage to be had , will save my money then and just get a larger ssd , by the sounds of it even putting two ssd's in raid zero which i contemplated will give me little advantage also , perhaps these mods made up of so many small files is what is the issue ,so so be it ,i appreciate all your help



A RAID 0 wouldn't be any better.

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