Speedfan temp readings/what is what?


Apr 15, 2011
After being completely annoyed at the stock CPU fan on my Athlon II x3 sounding like a jet engine, I installed Speedfan disabled Smartfan in the BIOS. I set it to limit my CPU fan to no higher than 85% and no lower than 60%.

Anyhoo, here are my temps after 45 minutes on Prime95:

Temp1: 61C
Temp2: 46C
Temp3: 34C
HD0: 34C
Temp1: 61C
Core: 57C

I see nothing there to be concerned about temp-wise, but I'm still not 100% sure what temps are what.

I think Temp1 and of course Core relate to the CPU because those go down most when I crank the CPU fan (using Speed 04 OR Speed 06, another thing that seems confusing). I just leave the case fans running 90% all the time because I barely hear them anyway.

So I mean everything seems to be okay and working how I want it, I'm just trying to figure out exactly what all those temps are. HD0 is obvious enough too... no clarification needed there ;)

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