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Sep 27, 2021
Hi guys.
I'm getting a little tired of this situation, because as mention in other post almost all programs shows that my CPU reaches 99C easily.
The only program that don't show this, is SpeedFan, that shows me decent temps.
When it reaches 99C or something like it, I don't feel neither the top nor the bottom of the laptop that hot and the air coming out is neither that hot.
Now I was analising HWinfo + Core temp and check that HWinfo says that my CPU is throrrling but as you can see, the clock speed stills almost in full steam.
Do you guys have any opinion or advise?

Thanks guys
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Intel Master

Sorry to pop your bubble, but I'd like to point out that SpeedFan and RealTemp have been left to wither on the vine, and haven't been updated for many years. Both predate your Core i5-8265U. Core Temp and especially Hardware Info are frequently updated and widely trusted for their accuracy.

The "Temp1" value you're seeing in SpeedFan is most likely a mislabeled VRM temperature. Moreover, SpeedFan is know to "offset" or miscalibrate Core temperatures by either 15° or 20°. If you compare the Core temperature values in SpeedFan with Core Temp, you can see that the difference is 18° to 22° which averages to 20°C +/- 2°C. This means SpeedFan is miscalibrated by -20°C, which is a known problem. The remaining +/-2°C is simply due to a slight difference in sample timing between the two utilities at any given moment. SpeedFan is not very "straight-forward" and has a bit of a learning curve, but it can be manually calibrated for accuracy. Similarly, the "flame" icons are "warning" parameters that just need to be calibrated. Again, any user of SpeedFan has to be willing to learn how to correctly tweak it in order to become comfortable with it.

RealTemp is also miscalibrated. While Intel's specification for Tj Max is correctly shown on Core temp and Hardware Info as 100°C, RealTemp shows it as 98°C. While Kevin Glynn, who is the author of RealTemp, did a great job with it back-in-the-day, he has moved on to focus on an excellent piece of software he's developed called "ThrottleStop" which is extremely useful and effective for laptops.

Don't be misled into a false sense of security by SpeedFan's inaccurate Core temperature values. Use either Core Temp or Hardware Info (HWiNFO). However, I strongly suggest that you look into ThrottleStop and that you also consider reapplying thermal compound between your laptop's cooler and CPU Die, as the max Core temperatures shown in Core Temp are reaching the edge of Throttle temperature at 100°C, which is too hot.

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