Speeds slower only through router not modem after ISP switch

Ken blank

Oct 1, 2014
I recently switched from Xfinity to Wowway as my ISP. Since this switch my speeds are not what I'm paying for, but only through the router. On Xfinity I was paying for 150 down and 10 up. I was typically getting 180 down and 12 up. This was while plugged into my router which was plugged into the modem. Then I moved to Wowway and got their 100 down and 10 up plan. Now I am getting around 78 down and any where from 0.1 and 4 up. Then when plugged straight to the modem bypassing the router I get 110 down and 12 up. I'm confused why since this is the exact same equipment setup with the same settings.

Modem: TC-7610
Router: WRT1900AC (with WRT software loaded)
NIC: Cant find model number but its a gigabit realtek one
Cabling: All CAT-5e

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