Question Speedtest slows down considerably when I use router.

Sep 29, 2019

I have a Cox Communication 1gbps down and 35 mbps internet service from Cox. When I run from the modem to the PC using Cat 6 or 7 Cables (given to me) I run at around 950 down and 32 to 35 up. No Router.

A month and a half ago I bought a Linksys - AC5400 Tri-Band WiFi 5 Router model ea9500. I have confirmed the firmware is current with linksys support. When I plug in the router and go from modem wired to router and wired from router to PC my speeds drop off dramatically to where I avg 430 to 450mbps down and 32 to 35 mbps up. I have been on linksys support many times and they cannot seem to get the router to go beyond that for any thing they have tried. I used my girlfriends laptop wired and the speed drop off there too. I did not add any other devices to the router and it tested that. When I did add my direct TV, TV itself, and blu-ray and my phone tablet and my girlfriends phone and tablet the speeds on my pc still remained at 430 to 450 down. My Iphone 10xs which I understand can handle 400mbps down tests the same on wireless down at around 430mbps. Same for tablets and her wireless stuff.

I do have a Killer 2400 NIC card when I go into the properties It says the speed is 1 gbps and I bought a second nic card from Intel and it is 10 gbps.

I am hoping someone may have a tip or trick I can try.
First step is to factory reset the router. Only set the admin and wifi passwords. Avoid configuring any other feature.

Modern routers use a feature that allows NAT traffic to bypass the CPU. This tends to be the only way to get 900+mbps. If the traffic must do the NAT in the CPU you take a massive hit to speed.
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