Spillage -damage- issue


Jan 8, 2012
Well hi, first time posting here after reading here a lot!

Right, problem is, spilt cola on top of my case and as it goes its nicely trickled down the components on its way down.

So far I've tried to dry the components but as its cola its too late for that.

Its definitely to late for all that 'dry it', evaporate stuff.

After waiting a while (and accepting defeat) it turns on, and everything spins up and -seems- to work. Only thing that isn't picking up are the graphics, everything is connected but nothing is displaying (I've reset the board, does that matter)

System Specs

AMD Phenom x4 3.20Ghz Black Edition
Asus ROG Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
Palit GTX 460 Sonic Platinum
Thermaltake Evo_Blue 650W PSU

So fairly difficult problem I guess.

I'll be amazingly grateful for help



If the system was powered up at the time of the spill, it may have grounded out/shorted out/fried some delicate components. If you can get ahold of a 2nd graphics card temporarily and try it, you can tell if your original card is still good or not. Likewise, the test may tell you if the board is still usable.

I'll bet you don't set a drink on top of your computer again... ;)
Sorry to hear that Koxzi,

But, u need to power off the PC and take it apart and use q-tips and lint free cloth and/or coffee filter and isopropyl alcohol, that will dry quickly leaving no residue when cleaning slots and connectors.

Do not use compressed air on soda as it doesn't evaporates as water does and u would chase it deeper inside.

Just because it appears soda free, close look is the right approach.

Good luck!



Jan 8, 2012
Ok, thanks for both replies! First, no drinks near it again! :D

But yeah, I'm going to try another card first. But on close inspection it seems to have dried on some -tiny- chips(?) near the PCI-E slots, so, not great. Would cleaning it solve this?