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Question Spilled Red Bull into top Pc case fan HELP


Jun 11, 2016
I spilled Red Bull and it went into my pc and got launched almost everywhere by the top fan. My computer was still running but my mouse and keyboard lights turned off (nothing got on them). When trying to turn the pc back on everything looks like it’s working, GPU lights are on, motherboard lights are on, and ram lights are on as well but it doesn’t boot to the monitor, it’s just black. I had it on for a a minute to see if it was just loading but then I turned it off and took it apart. The liquid definitely got on the GPU I took the back plate of and set everything in front of a fan for tonight. I also took out the SSD which had some sticky residue on it and ram as well. The cpu socket appeared to be completely dry tho. What is my best plan of action or most suspect part of being broken. The motherboard also got Red Bull on it but it still had lights that turned on. What should I do to diagnose the broken component(s)? Here’s the list of parts from when I originally built it a few years ago. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vmDzpb


Why did you try to turn it on, knowing there was a liquid substance hazard inside the PC???
You should've shut everything down, take it apart, take some alcohol(it dries quickly), soft and lint-free cloth, and wipe just about everything down.

No telling what all took damage. You made things worse turning it back on - no choice but to test everything one at a time.
But before that, take the PC apart and clean it with alcohol. For delicate or hard to reach places, use a q-tip.

Hopefully the worst case is just a dead gpu.