Question spilled water on my pc lol

May 6, 2019
Okay so like an idiot i knocked over a cup of water onto my pc (putting water on the other side of my desk from now on) and everything seems to be working fine. the pc didnt shut down or anything, and most of the water was just on the case but some got inside because it had holes on the top. i checked all the cables and everything and everything still works. i turned it off and opened it up and dried it out, and it turned back on fine. Just wondering if there’s anything else i should check? Like not much got inside but some got on the fans and the ram cards and maybe elsewhere. I haven’t used it much since but it appears fine. Just want to know if i should do something to make sure everything really is fine or if as long as its running then its okay. (btw i didnt know where to post this so sorry lol)