Spirit has been crushed by windows 10 installation process


Oct 26, 2016
Hi all. In brief, my installation won't work.

I know there are hundreds of posts on this topic and I have followed all the advice I could find from across the internet and am still at a loss.

I was upgrading my computer today, which included a new, larger SSD. As I got to the final screen before install, the one asking which partition to install to, it wouldn't let me select the large single volume due to a problem they presumed to be in the BIOS. However, I had already set up my SATA ports for AHCI so tried instead loading optimised defaults.

That got me past the first hurdle but then I was greeted with the error code, 0x80070057. I went through the microsoft troubleshooting page,


But I got the exact same error code at step 13 when I tried to format the drive. I ran a diskpart to try and clean it but nothing, I used parted magic to try and secure wipe it and start fresh but that also didn't work so I'm assuming its bricked.

SO AFTER THAT, I tried to clean install on my old, smaller ssd. I'd wiped it in parted magic and got through the first stage and copied the windows files but now it's stuck at 'Getting files ready for installation'.

I'm completely at a loss as to what's wrong. I've pulled out the usb's, created boot media manually and through the microsoft creation tool. If you have any clue whatsoever I'd be eternally grateful.


Asus M5A99X mobo
AMD 8350 cpu
GTX 1060 graphics
(1st attempt) Samsung 750 evo 250gb
(2nd attempt) SanDisk 128GB


One problem is you are using a win 7 install guide, perhaps this will help you more: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1950-windows-10-clean-install.html

when you install win 10 it wants you to wipe all partitions off the drive - just leaving unallocated space as it will create them itself. try running http://www.dban.org/ on the samsung ssd and see if you can install win 10 on it. I would remove power from other ssd just to stop win 10 sharing its partitions around.