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Alright, here is something interesting to share, though if you have been following the Gaming industry as of late, then this shouldn't come as a surprise. Though, I'm not much optimistic nor intrigued by any new Game "Remakes" as of late TBH. But that's a different biased story.

Anyway, Ubisoft has officially announced the development of a Splinter Cell remake from Ubisoft Toronto, rebuilding Sam Fisher's original adventure using the Snowdrop engine that's being used to power games like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the company's in-development Star Wars game.

According to Ubisoft, the Splinter Cell remake will make sure that the game retains the identity of Sam Fisher's original adventure, but with some changes. There will be big graphical updates, quality of life improvements, and things of that nature, but the game will still be a linear stealth game. Yes, a brand new Splinter Cell game is indeed in development, and it’s legit. The original game is being made in Ubisoft's Avatar and Star Wars engine.

In a new press release, Ubisoft stated that it had "greenlit the development of a Splinter Cell remake that will draw from the rich canvas of the brand." It'll be built in the Snowdrop Engine. This is the first major Splinter Cell release since Blacklist in 2013, and while it's only a remake, could mark the end of Ubisoft's reticence to revisit the series, which CEO Yves Guillemot has noted in the past.

Stealth will remain extremely important, and the developers also make clear that they're maintaining the original game's linear approach, distancing this project from reports of an open-world take on the series. The game promises to deliver new-generation visuals and gameplay, as well as dynamic lighting and shadows.

Although Ubisoft did not share any additional details, it did share a dev video (see below). In this video, Ubisoft News spoke with some of the developers that launched the original game 19 years ago and some that are working on the remake to find out exactly what set Splinter Cell apart from the competition.

According to the previous report, this new Splinter Cell game may have semi open-world environments like those of Halo Infinite. In case you didn’t know, and contrary to other open-world games, Halo Infinite features large hub areas. Basically, think of its maps as large environments that are similar to the first Crysis game. So, this could be good news (as we won’t have to deal with Ubisoft’s tiresome open-world game design). Lastly, and since this game is a really early development phase, we don’t know whether Michael Ironside will reprise his role. , via DSOGming.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH1_ZCSf_HY&t=144s&ab_channel=UbisoftNorthAmerica

Speaking more to why Ubisoft opted to remake Splinter Cell rather than simply remaster it, the game's producer Matt West explained that the title needed to be updated for modern platforms.

"The original Splinter Cell has a lot that was amazing and revolutionary at the time it came out, 19 years ago. The gaming public now has an even more refined palate. So, I think it kind of has to be a remake as opposed to a remaster," West said.

"Although we're still in the very earliest stages of development, what we're trying to do is make sure the spirit of the early games remains intact, in all of the ways that gave early Splinter Cell its identity. So, as we're building it from the ground up, we're going to update it visually, as well as some of the design elements to match player comfort and expectations, and we are going to keep it linear like the original games, not make it open world."

At this point in time, Ubisoft hasn't said anything about when Splinter Cell may end up releasing, nor has it confirmed which platforms it will be coming to. In all likelihood, though, we should expect to see the game come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC within the next few years.

View: https://twitter.com/Ubisoft/status/1471163343687892999

Lastly, creative director Chris Auty, producer Matt West, and technical producer Peter Handrino — all developers working on the remake — indicate that while this is a remake, not a remaster, it's meant to be faithful to series' stealth-based gameplay, noting that the phrase "Stealth Action Redefined" is the team's "North Star."

"With this remake, we are building a solid base for the future of Splinter Cell," Auty adds. Ubisoft drew criticism recently for introducing NFTs into some its games through Ubisoft Quartz, limited digital items that are only available for purchase to players who have a certain amount of gameplay time in a game.
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I doubt Michael Ironside will be the voice of Fisher, considering his age. And while I don't think anyone could really replace him, I do hope they find someone who can still fit in the shoes well enough.

If anything, I'm glad Ubisoft is at least trying to keep this genre of games alive. Unless I missed the boat about other stealth games in the same vein as this or Metal Gear. Or Siphon Filter.
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I was hoping, for a while anyway, they would come up with something new to continue the series. When I saw they had turned Sam Fisher into a cartoon character for a cell phone game though, it seemed very unlikely.

However, if they truly remake SC 1, vs just remaster it, I could see how it might feel pretty new, especially considering what can be done with today's tech. I can't help but feel after SC fan reactions to SC Blacklist, and Bolivians regarding GRW, they are too quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Both SC Blacklist and GR Wildlands were very good games, and what followed them was horrible by comparison. Stop overreacting to feedback Ubi, and get back to what you're good at, it stifles your creative juices.
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I doubt Michael Ironside will be the voice of Fisher, considering his age. And while I don't think anyone could really replace him, I do hope they find someone who can still fit in the shoes well enough.

Yup, even I'm not 100% sure whether Michael Ironside will be involved in this, but let's hope they find some other actor as well, if there are no alternatives. Apart from this, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now.

Can't wait to see how much potential does the Snowdrop Engine packs for future next-gen titles though, including any remakes/remasters.
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