Split Audio to watch a movie on a tv, and listen to music throw speakers


Jun 11, 2012
Not sure where this should be posted but asking anyway, My bro in law just got a free pc he'd like to turn into a htpc for his camper, so he'd like to b able to watch a movie on his 32inch tv thru hdmi in the camper, and then b able to listen to music thru an aux cable from the pc to the campers internal audio system to play outside.

is it possible to setup this up without any extra hardware, or paid software? Would be using Win7. I know in Win7 u in audio section for volume mixer u can choose what device is doing what, but how do u set a certain program, lets say windows media player or itunes to play thru a aux headpone jack over the hdmi?
well... easiest way would probably be to plug the audio stuff into the tv audio out, then connect the computer through an hdmi cable...

then he could tell the tv which audio device to play sounds from (tv's speakers, or external units) with the remote control for the tv, and he could tell the computer to send all it's audio info through the hdmi cable as it's main audio speakers.

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