Question Splitting DVI-D (only one output on graphics card) to TV and monitor

Sep 20, 2019
Hi folks. I recently obtained a new graphics card for my PC which has one and only one DVI-D output. I know how to connect it to my TV and my monitor by just unplugging one and plugging in the other (I have an HDMI to DVI-D for the TV and a DVI-D to DVI-D between the monitor and the card). This is ok, except it's annoying, and the sound doesn't go from the card to the TV (I've just been rotating my computer speakers towards the couch, but this is... not optimal, especially for stealth/horror games).

What I would LIKE to have is some sort of switch or hub that takes the DVI-D output from the graphics card and the audio out from the PC, and then sends the video and sound to whichever one I'm wanting to use (TV and its soundsystem, or PC monitor and its soundsystem).

I've looked around and I don't really see anything that does this, but then again, I don't mess with this sort of stuff a lot.

Could anyone help me with some ideas that can accomplish this, hopefully not too expensively?

Edit: For instance, I've found plenty of DVI-D switches... but they're 2 inputs, only one output (so the opposite of what I need), and it doesn't help easily switch the sound over. I know that I can just also run a long cable from the TV to the PC and swap that out with the PC's soundsystem when I want to use the TV, I get that I can do that, but I'm trying to figure out a better way; something that just involves flicking a switch or something.

Edit 2: I've found HDMI hubs, so maybe I could do a DVI-D to HDMI converter to an HDMI hub... but again, it doesn't bring the sound to the TV. But is there a hub that would, such that I'd do DVI-D from the card to HDMI, plugged into the hub, and then a cord from my PC's audio out to the hub? Would it then combine video and sound to the HDMI cord going to the TV if so? But then I'd have a new problem: my monitor and speakers for the PC don't have HDMI in! I could THEN do HDMI to VGA [HDMI from the hub, to VGA on the monitor] to get video at least, but... then I'd have to figure out the sound, and the number of converters being used would be a little comical! (If there's some hub that has both audio in and audio out, that would take both the video and the sound via a single HDMI to the TV... but which I could split the video to the monitor with HDMI to VGA, and the sound to the speakers by plugging the speakers into an audio out on the hub... that would work. But what would such a thing be called? Where can I find one?)
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