Splitting performance power of a PC between users.

Leszek Pietrycki

Dec 23, 2014
Is it possible in Windows 10, to split performance? Lets say the total CPU power is 100%. We have 4 users, I would like to have each have granted access to a maximum of 20%. Same with RAM. I work on a server, I have 4 PC's which connect to the SQL database on my server, but they do light work compared to mine, when I do mine I slow their work down since I haggle a lot more power than they need.

Can this be done?
It was just a reasonable suggestion. And I don’t think what you are trying to do in the way that you’re trying to do it is possible but good luck

Maybe you could host them virtual machines to connect to which would connect to your database and then that way you could allow so many processors per virtual machine and so much memory

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No, it doesn't work like that.
This is the very definition of multitasking, and the CPU is far better at it that you are, trying to preemptively "split" the CPU among users.

Maybe its time for a system upgrade in one form or another.
You can limit cpu access to your applications.
For exmple you could limit sql server process to some cores and
your application, you're working with, to different cpu cores.
So sql server cores and your application cores would not compete with each other.
Note - with hyperthreadding enabled, you'd have to assign both threads of came core to same process.

But @PeterMartin is right. You should not use sever as a workstation.
Hey my idea to use virtual machines would get closest to his requirement because you can give it a proportion of the total number of CPUs hard disk space and memory for each user’s vm

If the workstation is powerful enough it will do the job