Question Spontaneous Reboots

Aug 3, 2020
Hi Everyone,

For the past couple months I've been having a problem with my PC where it restarts randomly, whether its under heavy or light load.

Normally after one restart, multiple other restarts follow before the PC returns to a normal state.

Events: windows 10 restart screen - fans etc turn off - total restart

Things I've done:

Reset windows
Ran benchmarks on GPU and CPU: Sometimes the benchmarks ran perfectly, no high temps etc. Sometimes the PC restarted instantly on loading the benchmarks
Cleaned out PC of dust
Moved the GPU to a different PCIe slot

Having checked the event viewer after a restart, I always see:

Kernel-Power Event ID 41
EventLog Event ID 6008

They don't seem to give any information on a faulty component

The PC is around 3 years old.

Any help? Cheers in advance!
Aug 3, 2020
System spec:

Motherboard: ASRock B75M-GL 2.0
CPU: Intel I5 3330
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970
RAM: Zeppelin 8GB/1333 (1 Stick)
Power Supply: Cooler master RS-550

Is this sufficient?