Question Sporadic input lag in games on new PC

Jan 16, 2023
Hey guys,

I've recently built a new computer and have been experiencing some random heavy input lag spikes.

My new specs are:
  • CPU: Ryzen 7 7700X
  • GPU: NVidia GTX 1070 Ti (its the one from my old pc because I haven't yet decided on what to buy)
  • MB: Asus ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WIFI 1
  • RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator 6000MHz
Strongest affected games are Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends. Sometimes I play a few games with everything being fine and suddenly my keyboard input sticks for a second longer which can be fatal in R6. Sometimes I just get random inputs or they are generally delayed. Sometimes it feels like its paired with a proper lag spike although I have a strong and mostly consistent connection. I havent managed to reproduce it effectively and it feels extremely inconsistent.

So far I think I only had it when playing certain games at random moments.

Everything from Windows to my games is on my M.2. My CPU, RAM and GPU run at their intended speeds and usage consistently stays at normal levels afaik.
Never had problems like these with my old computer and it makes games completely unplayable when it happens.

Also I've had some other problems with the new build but they're probably 95% unrelated.

Hope someone can help me, thank you very much.
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