Spray Paint question


Nov 10, 2005
Ok I'm working on the basics of my next computer, and this time I've decided to do some modding, a window and a paint job. A problem being is this minor perfectionist part of me that will not be satisfied with just the case being painted, so essentially all my computer is going to be spraypainted white, including my keyboard and my mouse. I'm hoping for it to look something like this guy's: http://case-mods.linear1.org/i/paintjob2.jpg
Except white.

My main worry is that I would be using my keyboard and mouse, how would this paint job hold up to everyday use, would a clean up with a safe(for the paint) product remove my finger prints? Or should I look into getting a mouse and keyboard that fits my color scheme?

Am I making sense? Tell me if I'm not.


A hard acrylic enamel would hold up pretty well... just let it dry/cure good first before using it...
And when it wears just repaint it, you are experienced after the first time!


Dec 27, 2005
I painted my whole system back in 94'. The case, keyboard, mouse, and even the monitor. I took apart everything and was very exact with the masking tape (we're talking razor blades and tweezers). Anyways, I painted everything in textured granite with a base coat of black. After that, I gave it 3-4 coats of clear coat (satin) to protect it. It held up very well without any problems. I cleaned it about every 2-4 weeks. The thing you have to remember is with gloss you have to worry about fingerprints all the time, unless you don't mind wiping it down all the time. I hope my 2 cents helped.
Take Care