SSD a good upgrade for my system?


Feb 4, 2012
I am considering installing a solid state drive. If I were to do this it, would only be for booting and I would keep all my other drives on my HDD. I'm pretty sure I have SATA II ports but wouldn't be surprised if I had SATA I. I'm not sure how to check this as I can not find any spec sheets on my motherboard online.

I was reading these articles on SSDs,2956.html,3110.html

From those I've gathered that it isn't so important that one has a 6GB/s SATA connection, which is good for me. However, In the first article it said, "we do want to mention that it is important to use a SATA controller with AHCI support because it's necessary to support the TRIM command." I went through my BIOS and it showed two options for my SATA configuration: IDE and RAID. I'm assuming that means my SATA controllers do not support AHCI. If this is the case, should I pass on upgrading to an SSD?

I would appreciate any other useful advice that I do not explicitly ask for up above. Thank you!

My current specs

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0RY007 (Socket 775)
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model P35/G33/G31
Chipset Revision A2
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801IR (ICH9R)
Southbridge Revision 02

Hard Drives
WDC WD5000AAKS-75A7B0 ATA Device
Manufacturer Western Digital
Form Factor GB/3.5-inch
Business Unit/Brand Desktop/WD Caviar®
Heads 16
Cylinders 16383
SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
LBA Size 48-bit LBA
Features S.M.A.R.T., AAM, NCQ
Transfer Mode SATA II
Interface SATA
Capacity 488GB
RAID Type None


Feb 4, 2012
Do I edit the Raid settings in the BIOS or is this done when the OS is booted? Do you have a link that gives some general instructions on how to edit the RAID setting. I'm assuming if those settings are in the BIOS then changing the RAID setting will be different for every computer.