Question SSD and HDD gets "unallocated" or "wiped" after I restart my pc

Sep 15, 2020
Hi guys! so my problem is that my SSD and HDD keeps getting unallocated and wiped after a shut down or restart and I have to re download everything and it is very annoying I can't seem to find why its doing this because my main 1tb hdd and my boot drive which is a 500gb Aorus M.2 seem to have no problem at all! its only my secondary drives that keep doing that, should I format my Windows and Reset my BIOS? (i did not overclock anything i just put my ram up to there top speed).

Additional info : when they get "wiped"its like i just got a new drive where i have to set it up by choosing MBR or GPT and then i have to make them as a new simple volume.
Additional info 2 : they also get completely formated (as i stated above).
You appear to be experiencing a problem which is not uncommon. I don't know what is causing it, but there is a quick fix involving DMDE.

Can you show us DMDE's Partitions window?

Normally you would r-click the missing partition(s) and select "Insert the partition (undelete)". However it would be best to see the partition map before you attempt this.