Question SSD and NVMe compatibility issue

Jul 5, 2022
I just bought a NVMe M2 and I wanted to reinstall Windows on it and unistall it from my SSD.
After plugging the NVMe, Windows directly wanted to boot on it, so I installed Windows on my NVMe. But after the installation, my old SSD was no longer detected.
I unplugged the NVMe, and I was able to start Windows on my old SSD. I removed all the data (even Windows) from my old SSD thanks to the Windows installation tool.
So that my old SSD is empty but I can't find it anywhere.
Is there an option to activate in order to use a NVMe and a SATA SSD simultaneously ?

For information, my NVMe : Samsung SSD 980, my SSD : Kingston A400, my motherboard : Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite.

Thanks a lot ;)


When installing a M.2 into the A socket you loose both Asata3 zero and one ports, these are the two ports at the bottom of the board.

When installing a M.2 into the B socket you loose both Sata3 two and three ports.

Check your manual on page 16 and 17

Also when installing windows only have 1 drive installed