Apr 12, 2012
Hey everyone
I just ordered a 120 GB SSD from newegg and it should be here tomorrow. I have a 1TB HDD and win 7 ultimate installed on my system atm.
I want to install OS on my SDD when it arrives and completely delete everything on my HDD and set that up as a secondary drive. How do i accomplish this?
So basically SSD for boot up and perhaps minor downloads here and there. Majority of my data will be on my HDD.

I ordered the mushkin chronos 120 GB one if anyone wanted to know!

I do have both sgb and 6gb sata 3 cables and my motherboard supports both <--- not sure if this info was important but maybe i have to order some sort of special cables for my sdd? Hopefully not

Oh and do i have to go to my bios and set my storage device to AHCI?

Thanks guys


Dec 2, 2011
How I did this.

Try to backup all your files on a dvd/nas station/other harddrive

Install your ssd on a 6gb sata pick the first slot.
Put your regular hdd on a 3gb sata slot.

Go to your bios set AHCI mode. restart

Put in the windows install disk and let it boot

When you have to select the hdd to install windows select your ssd. After that format your other harddrive

Complete the setup

Voila you got windows 7 on your ssd with a clean hdd

Restore backup

(The thing why you have to format the hdd is to get one install of windows. If you leave your hdd with windows you can boot 2 times one windows boot from your ssd and one windows boot from you hdd. I think this is annoying to have 2 windows boots)