SSD as primary drive and HDD as storage

1) Attach _only_ the SSD to the system and install Windows 7, following all of the suggestions in the fairly recent article on getting the most out of your SSD.

2) Now attach the storage drive and boot. If the drive already has data, you should see it. If the drive is new, you will have to initialize, partition, and format

3) As described in the article, point My Documents and other data directories to the HDD. When you install iTunes or whatever, set the storage directories to locations on the HDD.

4) Have fun.



Nov 17, 2008
After you have attached the storage drive and let the machine find it, then turn the machine off and add your DVD drive. That way your drives will be labeled C: for the SSD, D: for the storage drive and E: for the DVD.

My CAD workstation was custom built. Its DVD is D: and its storage drive is E:. This works fine but it bugs me everytime I see it.
^ very simple solution, go to disk managment and change drive letters. In your case set the DVD to like F, or G. then change HDD to D, then Change the dvd back to E, or just leave it as F, or G. Windows will squell, just ignore warning.

I do this al the time, not had a problem yet.