Question SSD beginner questions


Apr 20, 2013
Hi, Okay, to keep my long story short, a few days ago I wasn't able to boot to windows 10
no matter how many times I've tried. It couldn't even go to the WinRE environment where
I could try some troubleshooting or repairing. At that time, I could still see my system drive
which is a 2.5" Transcend 128GB SSD newly bought only in January 2017(Two years of time) in BIOS.
I then took out the SSD drive and tried to plug into external hard drive case, I could still
see the hard drive in BIOS. But after some plugging and unplugging of the drive. Now, I don't
see the drive in BIOS and I don't see the drive on another computer, I have tested the external
hard drive case by putting another 3.5 spinning drive, it works quickly. I now strongly believe that
the SSD hard drive has failed.

I then done some research on the web and checked my warranty. It's a 3 year warranty which means I can have it fixed or replaced. However, I've lost the invoice I bought.

I have something I don't understand.

- Why the SSD drive could fail so fast in just two years of time? I have more than ten traditional spinning drives and most of them are older than 4 years, they are still working perfectly. However, why this SSD drive could fail so fast? I am 100% sure I always handle my hardware with care and it was never dropped or hit.

Is it a simply bad luck? Or was it because that I did not regularly clean out the dust inside my PC chassis so the dust and dirt built up and ruined the drive?

The SSD was always mounted securely inside my computer. In fact, do I need to mount any
SSD drive since it is not spinning?

When purchasing a new SSD drive, what should I pay attention to? I am suspecting that I was
getting a second-hand product from the computer retail shop.

Do I also need to check if the SSD is compatible with other hardware of my computer? Is that important? Or as long as it is SATA and I have SATA port then that's perfect?

Any comments are appreciated.