SSD boot drive upgrade won't access old HDD files and programs


Sep 24, 2015
Hi guys, this is a desperate plea for help!

I just tried to upgrade my friend's PC, installing an SSD boot drive so his computer becomes quicker, which it has but here is a problem. The new SSD recognises the HDD as being connected but it won't access any files in windows start menu search for example.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Hey there, Connor.

So the OS recognizes the HDD, but can't access it? What happens when you try to open it from Windows Explorer (My computer), do you get any errors? Would you please post a screenshot of what you see about the HDD and its partitions in Disk Management? When you installed Windows on the SSD, did you have all other drives disconnected during the installation process, because if you didn't, that could cause issued? Do you have any data you wish to recover from that HDD?
I'd suggest that you try the drive with a different computer, to see if the same thing happens. If you don't have that option, at least try it with a different SATA port and different SATA cables. If you don't need to recover data, I'd suggest that you download the HDD manufacturer's diagnostics tool and try to test it, to see if there's anything alarming with the drive.

Please let me know how everything goes.