Question SSD boots Windows fine but odd readings in Gigabyte BIOS ?

Feb 17, 2022
I have a Adata SX8200 with a gigabyte aorus ultra z390 running bios F10. Windows boots fine, zero problems with that but the drive doesn't really show up anywhere in bios.
Shows up under intel rapid storage but not under the nvme category and not in any of the m.2 slots despite it very clearly being in the M2A slot (board has 3 M.2 slots).
Shows up in device manager in windows as "Adata SX8200PNP"

Adata's own toolbox software doesn't recognize the drive despite the software being installed and running off that drive.
No other storage devices current plugged in.
Only PCI device is plugged into PCIEX16 slot
Just trying to update the drives firmware lol.


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