SSD C Drive, HDD E Drive Problem :(


Jan 2, 2012
I currently have my Boot Drive (My 120gb SSD) as my C drive. Ive seen lately that most of my programs are going to my C drive which I do not want. Is it possible if I can make my E Drive (My HDD), turn into the C Drive. So the final result can be C drive as HDD and E Drive as SSD



Most programs will by default install to the C drive. The best thing to do is to use custom install and select the other drive for each program that you want to install.

Windows 7 is a bit more complex and MS does not recommend using registry changes to change default program install location:

With older OSs you could just alter the programfilesdir, but AFAIK that doesn't work as there are other keys for the x86 programs, and also other keys affected in the registry values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion, like CommonFilesDir keys among others. If you go that way, be absolutely sure to back up all your important data and starting registry.

Reinstall a program to the path you want after you delete the version on C, but don't try to just move them and change registry path keys.