Question SSD Causes blue screen and force reboot!

Dec 5, 2019
Hey guys, noob here.. I just built a new pc with these specs:

Gigabyte x570UD motherboard.
Nvidia GeForce EVGA RTX 2080 super.
AMD RYZEN 7 3700x
SAMSUNG SSD 970 Evo plus.

So I built it a week ago, and started gaming and having fun for the whole week. Then today all out of a sudden, I get a blue screen while gaming. Device tried rebooting itself automatically, only to find itself stuck on a boot loop, with the blue screen containing ":( Your PC ran into a problem" for a SPLIT OF A SECOND, then it disappears and retries rebooting and so on...

Now the weird thing is, I unplugged the SSD from my PC and tried it on a laptop (ASUS TUF FX505), it worked perfectly. No reboots, no problems. And I tried the laptop's original SSD (Western Digital) on my computer and it also worked just fine.

I have tried windows repair and troubleshooting, that didn't work, it always ends up with failure. I tried reinstalling windows on the SSD using an original windows CD installation disk, but it wouldn't even allow me to choose the storage device, nor format it.

So I took it off of the pc, plugged it into the laptop and I was able to install windows on it. Started windows, she it was working just fine. That's when i thought I had fixed it, so I put it back into the pc, but to my unfortunate luck, I was back to square one: Blue Screen and Forced Reboots.

Does this SSD have an allergy towards my PC?

I'm truly confused and i would appreciate any kind of help from you good people. :(
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First, posting in bold, in large text and all caps indicates you're screaming at the audience. If you want to get your problem resolved, you will need to garner attention. Screaming at the community doesn't help anyone.

Second, what OS are you using for your build?
Ideally you should list yours pecs like so:

Third, you shouldn't be taking the SSD with all drivers installed onto the drive and migrate it to another system/donor system, as the automatic driver installation can and will botch up the install. Speaking of install, did you manually install all the drivers meant for your platform?

Latest BIOS update for your motherboard?